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Why OptYourLife.com is unique:

Most career aptitude testing approaches merely rely on a simple personality test such as MBTI. These tests have a very limited scope as they don't take into consideration important factors such as one's skills, values, and interests. In contrast, OptYourLife provides a comprehensive solution which combines traditional and novel career aptitude testing approaches. Our test helps an individual to gain insight about his/her skills, memory, intelligence, personality, decision making abilities, perseverance, etc. Moreover, we developed an expert system, using artificial intelligence, to evaluate suitability of a career path for an individual based on his/her test scores. Our expert system also takes into account salary of different careers to provide a more insightful advice for him/her. Finally, by discovering the right career path or major, one can optimize his/her life and get the most out of it.


Full Test:

This is our most complete solution. First, you take a comprehensive test that examines your personality, intelligence, perseverance, reaction time, problem solving abilities, etc. This test consists of 80 questions and should take about an hour to complete. Next, our expert system will analyze your test results to identify your true potentials. Finally, you will be presented with your expected performance in a large variety of career paths and educational fields. Our expert system will take into account your test results as well as the average income of each career to provide you with a list of satisfying choices.

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Basic Test:

This test is more suitable for young adults and teenagers who want to decide what field to study. This test, by itself, is no different from the full test. It still consists of 80 questions and should take about an hour to complete. However, the analysis part of this package is simpler than that of a full test. At the end of this test, our system will predict your performance in general educational fields, letting you see what fields best suits you. Our expert system will also give you a general career path recommendation based on the analysis of your test results and average incomes.

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Free Test:

This is our simplest and least accurate test. If you don't have enough time to take an hour-long test, our free test might still work for you. This test consists of 25 questions and should only take about 15 minutes to complete. This test is mainly intended to make you familiar with our testing environment. Therefore, in comparison with the other tests that we offer, the free test comes with the least accurate and most limited analysis.

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